Bot Review Telegram Bot Review Telegram: iCenter telegram bot is bitcoin investing bot. this bot comes with two more telegram bot iCenter Lite Bot and iCenter ETH BOT. the iCenter official launch was on 06.07.17 with the five years plan. 

Bot Name:
Bot Type: Bitcoin Investment
Investment Plan: 1.2% Daily for 120 days
Min. Investment : 0.01BTC 
Min. Reinvest: 0.01BTC
Community Support: Support
Official Website:
   Our official launch was on 06.07.17.
   We strive to offer a project you can trust and use to achieve financial freedom
   With our vast experience in the areas of engagement, we help entrepreneurs invest wisely and earn recipes from over 20 different sources of income just by investing in one place.
   You can see where your money is going and where it's coming from on a daily basis via our reports, you can find our reports on our website at
   What do we offer?
  •     1.2% of your investment Daily for 120 days
  •  Earning every 6 hours
  •  Min. Investment 0.01BTC                                                 
  •  Min. Reinvest 0.01BTC
  •  Min. Withdraw 0.01BTC
Referral Bonus in 3 Levels:
  •       .Level 1 - 10%
  •       .Level 2 - 3%
  •       .Level 3 - 1%
          1. Always an Exciting Promotion
          2. Consistency and Stability
          3. Support Room: @iCenter_Eng_Support
          4. Live support via the Website
          5. Daily Reports about the Project
          6. Project with 5 years Plan 
  and much more features coming soon!
Join iCenter Bot
How To Invest In iCenter Bot:

  • Click on Deposit and you will get a bitcoin address now you add the first deposit wait for confirmation on your Bot in order to generate another address for another deposit.
  • After showing your balance in bot click on Invest.
  • OK... Now you can receive you're earning in every 6 hours.
Payment Proof of



   We don't have any direct support working via Telegram, anyone claiming to be our support or programmers is a "scammer", please report it to If you are in need of Help our only direct support is via Our Website:
   Please also read this important article to get as best informed as possible:
   Is iCenter a Ponzi?
   Thank you Team - Your Investment Center
The Power of Diversity, All investments are leveraged and diversified thru our network of professional partners keeping the risk of failure low

                                                                                                    Join iCenter Bot

     1. Digital Cats Bot ( Crypto Kittyes Bitcoin Bot ) Invite and Get 0.0001 BTC For Every Friend. Click Here Start Bot.

     2. Mining Ethereum Bot ( Paying Payment Proof ) --Telegram News Channel
Click Here Start Bot.

     3.    1.2% of your investment Daily for 120 days. Click Here Start Bot.     

     4. iCenter Lite Bot   1.4% of your investment Daily for 99 days. Click Here Start Bot.       

      5. iCenter ETH BOT   1.4% of your investment Daily for 99 days. Click Here Start Bot.
      6.iCenter BCH Bot  1.5% of your investment Daily for 99 days. (recommended) Click Here Start Bot.

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