House Money Telegram Bot

 House Money Telegram Bot: House Money is a bitcoin earning bot. it's work on telegram messenger. House Money Economic game where you can earn real money.

Bot Name: House Money
Min. Deposit: 0.001
Min. Withdrawal: 0.001
Payment Points Needed For Withdrawal.


How To Work  House Money Bot: House Money telegram bot works as other telegrams bot work like Dino Park and Cash Zoo Bot.
Here you can buy a house and them give you money(game currency). this money helps you to buy more house. you can convert this money to moneybag in the Market Tab.


BuyHouse: You can buy different types of houses here. Each type of house has a different rental and rent you can sell or exchange on real money (Bitcoin)! Each type of house has different characteristics and qualities. You can buy many houses! You will collect rent continuously for 24 hours and forever!


House List:

Cottage (House lv.1) 
Makes: 30 dollars: per hour
Having: 141 
Price: 30 moneybag

Townhouse (House lv.2)
Makes: 220 per hour
Having: 121
Price: 200 moneybag

Villa (House lv.3)
Makes: 1800 :dollar: per hour
Having: 18
Price: 1500 moneybag

Motel (House lv.4)
Makes: 7000 dollars: per hour
Having: 26
Price: 5000 :moneybag:

Hotel (House lv.5)
Makes: 37000 dollars per hour
Having: 2
Price: 25000 :moneybag:

Factory (House lv.6)
Makes: 150000 dollars per hour
Having: 2
Price: 100000 :moneybag:

Japan Castle (House lv.7)
Makes: 400000 dollars per hour
Having: 0
Price: 250000 :moneybag:

Castle (House lv.8)
Makes: 850000 dollars per hour
Having: 0
Price: 500000 moneybag

Buy VIP House: VIP House can mine not only dollar:! They make dollar and points!
However, to buy such house you will also need points, and unlike ordinary house after some days of work such house retire.
You can only buy a VIP house same time.

Farm: Here you can see and collect your money.

Market: Here You Can exchange your collected money for game currency. After the exchange, 70% you receive will go into your purchasing balance :moneybag: and 30% goes into your withdrawal balance. Current exchange rate: 1000 dollar = 1 moneybag. The minimum required for an exchange is 3000 dollar.

Referrals: Every invite your friends and receive 100 moneybags as a bonus. Your income is unlimited! Even a few people bring you 100 000 moneybags. You have invited 218 users to House Money. Just copy the link below and send it to your friends:

Bonus: You can obtain the bonus every 24 hours. The bonus will payed by moneybag to available balance. The bonus will be generated randomly from 10 to 100 moneybag + zap Payment Point Probability: 1% receive 200 Payment Point.

Extra: Here you can set your bitcoin wallet. change game language. order your payments.

How To Withdrawal Money From House Money Bot:If you want to withdrawal your earn money you need payment can earn payment point with VIP House and Referrals Commission.

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