Telegram Bitcoin Mining Bot 2019

Telegram Bitcoin Mining Bot 2019: I found a new telegram bitcoin mining bot. With this telegram bot, you can earn free bitcoin every day.

Bot Name: Digital Cats (Crypto Kittyes Bot)
Bot Currency: Bitcoin
Bot Link: Click Here

News Channel: Click here
Payment Proof: Click Here
Minimum Deposit: 0.01 BTC
Minimum Payment:0.001 BTC 
Affiliate: 0.0001 BTC For Every Referral

How To Mine Bitcoin With Telegram bot?

You can hire different Digital Cats here. Every Digital Cats obtains the Satoshi which you
can sell or exchange on the real money! Every Digital Cats type has individual characteristic and gets a different amount of Satoshi. With each one a digital cat, you can only hire  1 unit and hire it for 6 months!Your Digital Cats don't getting tired and they will obtain the Satoshi 24 hours!

Digital Cats List

Digital Kitty Unit v1.0 
Satoshi per day: 600 Satoshi
Price: 0 BTC Forever

Digital Kitty Unit v2.0
Satoshi per day: 30 000 Satoshi
Price: 0.01 BTC

Digital Kitty Unit v3.0
Satoshi per day: 150 000 Satoshi
Price: 0.05 BTC

Digital Kitty Unit v4.0
Satoshi per day: 350 000 Satoshi
Price: 0.1 BTC

Digital Kitty Unit v5.0
Satoshi per day: 1 800 000 Satoshi
Price: 0.5 BTC

Digital Kitty Unit v6.0
Satoshi per day: 4 000 000 Satoshi

Price: 1 BTC

How Much Bitcoin You Earn?

  • Click on My Kitty Tab you can see how much bitcoin your cates produce
Earn Free Bitcoin With Bitcoin mining Telegram Bot:
  • Invite Your Friends and earn 0.0001 BTC for every referral and commission. your earning is unlimited. 
  • Add Fund and Hire More Kitty to increase your daily earning.

Bot Link: Click Here
News Channel: Click here
Payment Proof: Click Here

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